Space Socialism

Yes, I am indeed a communist. Yes, I am indeed an astronomer. No, this blog is not about Star Trek, although I should probably start watching that simply for the nerd cred. Cosmic Communism and Space Socialism are more than just alliterations. Before we can hope to extend our reach to the stars above, we must first unify ourselves. How can we hope to colonize Mars if we can barely hold a “colony” together here on Earth without some form of poverty, destruction, or human-induced deaths? Communism has only failed in the past because we lacked the resources to make it possible. Communism is something that can either work very small scale or globally–not in between. For a communistic society to work, we must first have a society of communists. But we now have the means of far more advanced technology for communism to work. We first build a society of communists before attempting a communistic society, in the meantime, adopting more of a “berniecratic” socialistic society that slowly trends towards communism. Communism is possible, and that’s what this blog is about. Call me a “naive millennial” all you want. But soon, the older folks will all be dead, and the millennials, the leftist generation, will rise. Every generation sees a slight push to the left, more and more so. Communism is not only possible, it is inevitable.

This blog aims to bring forth one millennial’s analysis on capitalism, analysis of Marxist literature, words of revolution, words on why she’s a communist, words on how communism is possible… you know. Just commie things. With the occasional “omg space is awesome” post, of course. But you already knew that.


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